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Semana Santa Rubbish

by Esther Farrat

Another stunning sunrise on Roatan welcomes in a fun filled day of diving and conservation activities here at Nature Divers! Today Jacques and I set out for a morning beach clean-up to tackle the increasing amount of trash that had built up on the local beaches. While the local area is often kept well-groomed with locals and tourists alike making use of our recycling bins there was a little more rubbish about as a result of the increased number of visitors to the island for the Semana Santa celebrations.

So equipped with buckets and gloves the enthusiastic nature divers team set out in both directions along half moon bay and managed to clear 4 large buckets of trash in their morning conservation effort. This rubbish got sorted into the recycling bins and regular rubbish in order to reduce the amount going to landfill.

If you are feeling inspired by the excellent example set by the Nature Divers team, why not try involving friends and family in a beach clean-up near your home. You could even post photos of your conservation project on social media with 4Ocean or with the hashtag “threeforthesea” which is aiming to encourage people to pick up at least three pieces of rubbish from the beach whenever you visit. Remember to tag Nature Divers so we can support your beach clean-up efforts!

Wherever you are and whatever your involvement in the worldwide beach clean-up initiative the team here at Nature Divers all support you. Thanks to your love of the ocean the sun here on Roatan is setting on a cleaner beach tonight!

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