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Sediment Traps (Out to Old in to New)

by Scott Mills

The Nature Divers team had a busy Wednesday diving 3 sites in the afternoon to remove and replace a total of 30 sediment traps. With hammers and traps in hand, and a cloud of sargassum (brown algae) eclipsing use, we set out for what seemed to be a daunting task.

The traps first needed to be covered with a bag and elastic band to ensure no sediment was lost out of the old traps during transportation back to land. Once this was done, the trap was pried off the substrate, which can be quite tricky when you are weightless and don't want to damage the reef around you. The new traps were then nailed into the identical place (in most cases) to live out their next 4 weeks under water.

All and all it went off without a hitch and we finished the whole procedure 30 minutes ahead of schedule due to teamwork of Scott, Esther, Mathias and Charisse.

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