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Nature Divers Workshop + Safety

by Scott Mills

Yet another successful workshop completed with the instructors of Nature Divers. Esther, our Staff Instructor, took the lead going over some rescue scenarios on land and in water. It is something we've all been trained in, but it’s always important to review to keep our skill sharp. We tried to simulate the scenarios the best we could to make it feel more real, and I have to give Alexa a hand - she makes a great dummy!

After that we went on a staff dive to Alice's Wonderland to train everyone to properly guide the site. There was a tight swim through we managed to all get through. Bruno was at the end and had a large green moray follow him out! The best part was when a hawksbill turtle swam through our group. It was perfect, we sharpened our skills while getting to play with the marine life. Can't ask for anything more!

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