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Nature Divers Workshop + OPWALL Staff

by Scott Mills

Every Saturday the Ecodivers team puts on a workshop to help educate our new staff on such things as reef ecology, marine identification, safety procedures, proper guiding techniques and more. This week we finished up our coral identification quiz then had the chance to bring the Operation Wallacea (OPWALL) staff on our dive. They are getting ready for their next season of marine education and research, which will be taking place at Ecodivers in a few days. We will soon to be overrun with swarms of eager high schoolers who will be learning about our reef and how to dive.

We thought it would be appropriate to take the OPWALL staff to Sea Quest Deep to see the coral trees the Roatan Marine Park have set up. We will soon be helping to take care of these trees as one of our new projects.

It was a great team building experience, and we got to show off how great the marine life it at our reef. The pictures speak for themselves!

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