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Mangrove Lecture

Awareness is key, specially for our future generations. Teaching kids about Mangrove and Reef connectivity is a fun and exciting way to bring awareness to our local community.

Our very own Scott Mills working his magic with the kids.

Mangrove connectivity is specially important to the community of El Berrinche since they are located at Mangrove Bight. These kids are being lectured about the services the mangroves at the Bight provide to their local community and how they would be affected if they where to loose them.

Their favorite part of the lecture is when we talk about species connectivity between the mangrove and the reef. Many of them know their fish very well and are surprised to find out that some of the big fish they catch out at sea actually spend part of their lives in the lagoon.

Because classrooms are sometimes a bit boring these kids will take a ride on the boat and go snorkeling once they complete their course.

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