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Judging local Science Fair

by Scott Mills

It was a day full of bright new ideas and energized faces at the Bay Islands International School's Science Fair. The Marine Park was helping to judge the competition and kindly asked if Nature Divers wanted to help out too because of our science expertise ;). Naturally it was the perfect fit and we were happy to take part!

The school is located on one of Sandy Bay's beautiful beaches. The kids all gave about a 2 minute presentation on their area of study. Kids from grade 2 - 10 took part with projects ranging from homemade Lava Lamps, to potato powered lights, to homemade erosion testing. Ultimately, the two winners in the grade 6 - 10 group were:

1. A project looking at ocean salinity compared to fresh water to hypothesis why oceans don't freeze, and

2. A project looking at how to improve Roatan's garbage dump with ventilation to release the methane and recycle the gases for energy use.

Awards were given, but each child got a certificate of completion for their participation in the event. The Bay Island's International School is dedicated to giving their students all the necessary resources for learning for their success in the future, and this event is the proof in the pudding!

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