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Congratulated by Locals is the Best!!!

by Esther Farrant

This week Jacques and I carried out our beach clean-up and came across an area of beach on the half moon bay peninsula where a vast amount of trash had collected. The prevailing currents and waves washing against the outcrop of land at the end of the bay collected so much rubbish that was trapped on the beach area by the mangrove roots growing along the rocks. We set to work cleaning the whole area and collected 5 full buckets of rubbish each from all along that one stretch of beach. Two of the local boat captains associated with the neighboring resort saw what we were doing and came over congratulating us in Spanish and astonished at the difference we had made to the coastline with just an hours work.

These collection areas where our rubbish tends to accumulate from currents or waves are a sad reminder of the extent of the impact we are having on our coasts and seas so it was a lovely opportunity to help turn the tide on plastic pollution today.

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