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Another Day, Another Data

by Scott Mills

It was just the boys who set out this week to Turtle Crossing to collect our all important data from the reef: Fish Biomass, Urchin Density and Coral Coverage. Scott took the lead identifying fish and taking the benthic video, Jacques took up the rear laying down the transect line and doing urchin counts and Mathias was our brilliant photographer.

It was a beautiful dive as usual, with a little surge to fight at our 5 meter depth. Saw the usual suspects on the transect line, but got a nice view of a turtle weighed down by 3 shark suckers and more rare golden tail eel. Descended a little further to make sure our sediment traps at 10 meters were safe and sound as well.

The boys of Nature Divers got another play day on the reef, because being down there collecting data never feels like work!

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